Facts that make CCC a wise choice ...

1) Engineering excellence is top priority. The team has thorough engineering training and experience.

2) All involved are passionate about knives and will do whatever it takes to make the best knives possible.

3) Heat Treatment is taken very serious. Read more here.

4) All blades are hardened BEFORE grinding. This is very important to us.

5) All blades are free-hand-ground by Clyde.

6) Only the best materials are used. We import only the best even when it costs us a lot more to do so.

7) We maintain the highest manufacturing tolerances possible using the latest and best systems and techniques.

8) The best machines and tools are used.

9) All Custom-Tech knives fitted with hardened steel lock insert and over-travel stop.

10) All fitting and finishing done by Clyde by hand. 

11) We care about our clients and endeavour to keep communication channels open and easy to use. We are easy to reach on Instagram and Whatsapp. Most of our clients have become friends.

12) We are not in this for the money. All involved do this part-time. No compromises and shortcuts necessary to make a living from this.

13) Few in this business trumps Clyde's energy and dedication and Francois's creativity and innovative thinking.

14) Lifetime warrantee.